Skyral Phantom

Where technology battles uncertainty. And wins.

Phantom goes beyond ‘what is?’ and empowers you to understand ‘what if?’ across all operational domains and at any level of complexity.

Phantom digitises your workflows, inserting AI, visualisation, and simulation throughout the planning process, allowing you to develop, plan, test and iterate at unprecedented speed.

This is what digital advantage over our adversaries in the modern world looks like.

“This is the most impressive capability I’ve seen since taking charge of all the agencies’ digital activity. I can now see my own networks’ vulnerabilities, plan upgrades and target my adversaries in ways that just weren’t possible before.”

Director General,
UK Gov Agency

Operational areas

Developed over several years alongside military experts and users, Skyral Phantom is designed to be used in all operational domains, whilst being intuitive and interoperable across workstreams and ecosystems.

Competitive advantage across all domains

Skyral Phantom combines real-time, historic, and simulated data in a single view to give a comprehensive picture of the relevant environment across domains and borders, in both the present moment and the potential future.

  • Puts cutting edge multi-domain simulations in the hands of decision makers
  • Allows for experimentation and iteration
  • Exposes unintuitive and unintended effects to drive better decision-making

Predict future threats

Next-generation tracking and mapping capabilities allow for vulnerability prediction across satellite networks and enhanced communication across all domains.

  • Track and trace satellite constellations with unparalleled accuracy
  • Deploy models to predict vulnerabilities
  • Communicate seamlessly across Command & Control functions

Intuitive and interoperable from the outset

Skyral Phantom enables more rigorous, rapid and data driven decision making when planning and conducting joint and all domain military operations.

  • High performance simulation across joint operations
  • Virtually recreate the all-domain battlefield in incredible detail
  • De-risk and accelerate decisions

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