Skyral Mirror

A revolution in strategic digital twins.

The Mirror product line unlocks savings, de-risks your operations, and provides strategic insights, empowering you to outperform your competitors.

Global enterprises require the ability to mirror their vast, interconnected systems, processes and infrastructure.

Driving transformation and growth, while making meaningful decisions, is more complex than ever before. These demands require technology that is:

  • Fast to deploy
  • Simple to integrate
  • Scientifically credible
  • Able to transform to the needs of global organisations

Driving infrastructure efficiences

Mirror de-risks and accelerates costly network planning and digital modernisation for commercial customers.

Transforming data into proactive health strategies

Mirror accelerated the models that predicted location, scale, and fatalities of the second COVID wave, speeding up policy design by 10,000X and provided a user-centric application allowing for enhanced engagement with vital data.

Strategic infrastructure development

Break down your strategic problems into manageable areas and evaluate the optimal options for your infrastructure investment through multi-domain modelling and various simulation options.

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