Fearless disruption: from the battlefield to the boardroom.

Skyral’s heritage is rooted in supporting Western defence and national security organisations. Our technology was first used on defence missions in 2016. Since then, our suite of dual-use products and services have been deployed by a diverse range of government departments in the US, UK and NATO.

We believe in defending our democratic values against those who seek to undermine them. Supporting those tasked with this mission is at the heart of all we do.

Skyral Government is our UK-sovereign technology company.

Skyral Government delivers software products that empower government agencies to deliver their missions, providing secure, resilient, and prosperous solutions for their citizens.

Helping governments make better, real world decisions by understanding virtual ones.

From delivering planning capabilities to modelling human behaviour and testing advanced scenarios, we understand the complexity of government’s needs.


Planning capabilities


Simulate scenarios


Testing plans across all domains


Providing strategic digital twins of complex, multi-domain Systems of Systems


Rapidly understand cascading consequences


Red Team against selected COAs for enhanced resilience and assurance


Blend domains with best-in-breed 3rd party capabilites

Example use cases

Planning for decision-makers

Strategically hypothesise, test and plan the changes to your infrastructure, with a greater awareness of how your infrastructure connects to multiple systems.

Driving awareness of risks like never before

Continually assess your infrastructure’s vulnerabilities through simulation, with a clear overview of the intrinsic dependencies that your infrastructure relies on.

Unparalleled insights for holistic decision-making

Skyral helps organisations build resilience by modelling behaviours and patterns of life, giving users the insights and confidence they need to make real-time and future decisions with the widest breadth of information available.

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